A Little About Robert S. Nielsen

Currently, I live in Sugar City with my beautiful wife Jade and my son Anderson. My story is not filled with perfect endings and winning at everything I do. Honestly its getting old seeing people running for office that claim they have done everything right their whole life. That is not me at all. I left high school early with a GED. A few years of barely getting by I went back to school. I earned a B.A. in film and went on to become an electrician on film and TV productions. I loved my job but after a spinal injury I was forced to have to give up my career. I have had to go through divorce and years of chronic pain. But like most people I still get up in the morning and do what needs to be done. 

As a family we are huge supporters of the Idaho Falls Youth Hockey Association. My son is about to start his 4th season and its enjoyable to watch how much each kid improves through the year. For the past few years our family has donated equipment to the IFYHA. Some of the other things my family enjoys is going out to spot wildlife and learning about the history of the places we visit. 

I know it is hard to get to know someone over just a few lines on a web page. But, I do look forward to getting to know more people over the course of this election. 


My Family