The Issues



Idaho ranks near last in the nation with a D- grade when it comes to education. Wyoming spends around $17,000 per student, while Idaho is around $6,000.

Increasing education by $100 million over the last 4 years means nothing when the funds are not being properly managed. I want to know why we are failing at this and then fix the problem. 

Second Amendment.

I am a strong supporter of our second amendment rights. We enjoy hunting, fishing and target shooting here in Idaho and changes made in other states may work there but not here. I believe in stand your ground rules and the right to protect life and property. I strongly disagree with the banning of firearms and ammunition.   


Over $129 million in tax relief for Idahoans equals to around $75.88 per person each year. Big numbers are a great spin on taxes. But, to a family of 4 that is about $25.29 per month. It is not much help if you are worried about keeping the lights on. We can do better.

School Safety

Idaho has taken steps to try to address the issue. But, what about mental health? Law enforcement can only do so much. Let us help those in need with compassionate care. It is about time to use common sense solutions.  

Medical Marijuana

Pharmaceutical companies are giving funds to many campaigns lately. It is no wonder this is not available in Idaho for those in need. When will our elected stop working for insurance and pharmaceutical companies and start working for Idaho? Doctor’s should have the right to use safer treatments.